The Finest, Luxury Goose Down Duvets.

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We honestly think there is no finer bedding available anywhere! Here at Elysha Charles, we stock only the most luxurious bedding, exquisite symphonies of cotton, silk and goose down that are pretty much guaranteed to help you sleep more soundly than you have in years.

Hungarian goose down

Imagine climbing into a beautiful Hungarian goose down duvet. You will love the soft feel and perfect insulation afforded by the 90 per cent goose down within. Not only is the Hungarian goose down duvet amongst the most comfortable bedding you will ever experience, it is also hypoallergenic, as the cotton cambric used in its construction renders it impenetrable to the dust mites which cause all that night-time misery to the allergy sufferers amongst us! The Hungarian goose down duvet works in harmony with your body, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.

The Hungarian goose down duvet and others of its kind owe their comfort, excellent insulation and hypoallergenic properties to the all-natural source of down: the soft inner lining of insulation grown by birds beneath their exterior coats.

We spend a third of our lives asleep - that is a long time, and surely time worth investing in! Why settle for second best? Explore the Elysha Charles product catalogue and start dreaming of all the blissful slumber that awaits, whether you choose an Hungarian goose down duvet, or one of our equally luxurious goose down products from Kauffman, Christian Fichbacher or Brinkhaus all sumptuously encased with Sheridan or Peter Reed finest bed linen. The list goes on! We even offer our own range of luxurious cotton and satin bed linens.

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